About C3 Private Investigations

C3 Investigations is a full background service provider of Private Investigations throughout Ontario with the proven knowledge and confidence to provide the best information through background inquiries to our clients. Our Head Office is located in Hamilton with the ability to dispatch specialized investigators across the province to provide exceptional investigative services. Our company has three divisions, Corporate, Civil and Criminal – the three C’s.

Our president welcomes you to try our unique services, as our teams know how difficult it can be to find a cost effective, full background investigation company that provides a fact based report. With over 30 years’ experience, our company brings highly respected investigators to the fore front to provide our clients with most concise reputable reports. For the last seven years, background investigations have become more relevant with Internet and Social Media placing investigator in a position to gather information quickly and cost effectively. Our clients include corporations, insurance companies, civil and criminal lawyers. Our unique forte for finding information, witnesses and evidence gathering with documentation, provides clients with best evidence based report. C3 Investigations is a member of the Canadian Association of Special Investigation Units (CASIU), Canadian Association of Private Investigators (CAPI), and an honorary member of the Council of Private Investigators in Ontario.  As crime has no borders, C3 is also a member of the Council of International Investigators (CII) and the International Association of Special Investigation Units (IASIU). Our president has also completed the Laboratory for Scientific Interrogation (LSI) to provide a special niche of interrogation and statement analysis to our clients.

C3 Investigations specializes in Corporate, Criminal and Civil investigations for a number of well renowned clients. Our team works diligently on corporate cases, including due diligence and risk assessment investigations, along with pre-employment, internal theft and in house audits. Our criminal division has completed a number of murder, sexual assault, robbery and theft investigations for the defense lawyers. Our team in the civil division are highly qualified to conduct staged accident inquiries and interviews of all aspects in the insurance and civil litigation realm. For further information about our divisions, please refer to each division.

Thank you for your interest in C3 Investigations. Our Privacy Policy is posted below on our website. Any information in connection with our CGL and Errors and Omissions coverage and professional references are available upon request.