C3 Civil Division

As the cost of litigation support and fraudulent claims cost over $1 billion dollars annually in Canada, according to the Insurance Bureau of Canada. C3 conducts thorough investigations to Insurers, Civil Lawyers and Adjusters with a clear concise fact based picture of the subject, pre and post-accident. Public documentation, witness statements, activity checks and social media profiles provide clients with risk factors and exposure.

In today's world, an accident, a wrongful dismissal, a sexual misconduct or harassment equals litigation, which always comes with cost factors. At C3, we give you the facts that allow you to assess the loss and mitigate the claim. We support our report with public documentation, witness names, statements, employment interviews, neighborhood canvasses and a history on the subject.

The end result is the knowledge that can enable you to mitigate your loss fairly and appropriately. We utilize new and old school methods to obtain the best and most informative results. C3 bases all reports on concrete findings and reports accordingly. Our team provides fact based solutions and reports in a cost effective and timely manner.

Civil & Insurance Services

  • Insurance Related Locates
  • Witness locates & Interviews
  • Employer Interviews
  • Neighbourhood Canvass
  • Activity Checks
  • Service Provider Interviews
  • Third Party Interviews
  • Credibility & Full Background Checks
  • Asset Investigations
  • Staged Accident Inquiries